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The Wholesome Hippie

The Story

It started one fruitful summer, when two blessed, wholesome hippies who were destined for love were drawn to each other from fathoms apart. As they traveled the land searching for a perfect place to begin their journey, Annabelle and Joseph were enamoured with the most gorgeous rolling field of grain. This field grew the finest, unadulterated, wild, organic granola they had ever tasted.

After raising a homestead, Annabelle realized that this was not only the purest, freshest, best-tasting granola she had ever eaten; every morning as she and Joseph filled up on a fresh harvest, she found that it gave them both the energy and ambition to live as if that were the most sacred and beautiful day the Universe had ever made. This was truly Miracle Granola - and it was good.

Before long, they planted other foods with similar and complementary qualities in that same field - cookies, chocolate, and other delightful crops, and this was the beginning of the Wholesome Hippie Farm.

Wholesome Hippie Farm is located about 50 miles south of Lake Wobegon on CR 10.

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Anne and Joe