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Thanks for visiting! Maybe you saw us at the Farmer's Market, maybe you are related to us, or maybe you stole a jar of our granola from a house you were robbing, because you tried some on the way to the antique silverware and it was just too good to leave there. However you found us, we're glad you did, and we've put up this website to help keep in touch and answer any questions you have about us! :)

This website is still young, so if you don't find what you're looking for, check out our connect page for ways to connect with us about things you don't see here!

Of course the honest truth is available for your perusal under the "Story" tab, but here's some mumbo jumbo we like to tell people just for fun:

About us:
Wholesome Hippie was started in 2010 in the kitchen of Anne Tower and Joe Marty as an experiment in meeting various dietary needs with sustainable, local and organic ingredients and with the very important goal of creating delicious and satisfying treats!

Our main product is a low sugar, wheat-free, natural granola, although we continue to experiment and develop new offerings.

Some of our goals as we grow into a business stem from the personal commitments we have to maintaining and restoring the diverse, beautiful environment and community that provide us with all we need to live a full life. Itís an ongoing endeavor to ensure we are doing all we can to contribute to the growth of our world environmentally and socially. Here are some of the ways we contribute:
See inside to learn more about our food and goals as a company!

Anne and Joe